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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beautiful twin daughters, Kinsey And Kylee Sullivan who were born still (but still born) on January 27,2005.We will remember them forever. They were very much loved even though we never got to know them outside of the womb. They were born at 6 months, but were 2 perfect beautiful girls. Please come back and visit as I plan to add photos of the girls and our family.We are always adding and changing the site to keep it interesting and ready for the season so please come back often to check us out.

My precious Kylee and Kinsey snuggled in tight,Sarah-talk about tears flowing! this is so precious as I never had the chance to tuck them in. Thank you so much.
Thank you to the wonderful women at L&S Grahics

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Never say goodbye Because saying goodbye Means going away And going away Means forgetting

*Peter Pan*

I picture you Kinsey and Kylee walking hand in hand

Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world






Mark 10:13-16 (NIV)
People were bringing the little children to Jesus to have him touch them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them , " Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." And he took the children into his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.

A Poem Written by Mommy for Two Very Special Angels

We're your little angels
Flying through the sky
We're happy here in Heaven
So don't be sad or cry

We know you want us with you
We'd like to be there too
But God Himself had other plans
For us two girls to do

We get to light the rainbows
On cold dark rainy days
And pick out all the snowflakes
During the winter haze
But more importantly and fun for us
What we like to do
Is take walks with our relatives
Sweet Aunt Sugie and Wanda Lou

So when you see that rainbow
Lighting up the sky
Smile big and think of us
And remember not to cry
We're so very happy here
And we'll see you once again
For our most important job here is
When you come...

We'll unlock the gates of Heaven
And walk you in

Lori Sullivan 6-30-05

Oh Mother, My Mother
We touch your tears
invisible fingers
soothing your skin
We know you think of us so often
in the day, in the night
in your dreams
going into an empty nursery
knowing we'll never be there
but we your heart
in your soul, we shall always be
for you gave so unselfishly
of yourself
Inside of you, you created
such a world for us
a world of laughter, of love
of sadness, of sorrow
every emotion people come to know
you shared with us
And even though we may never
feel your arms around us
we felt your heart beating
like a lullaby, singing us to sleep
and your spirit giving us a safe haven
already protecting us
preparing us of things to come
But sometimes the journey
of life pulls souls apart
and yes, we had to go on
to another place
we wish we could stay
We wish this was a decision
we could make
and we know you do too. 
Know this wherever you are:
we will always remember
that yours was the first love
the first joy, the first soul
we will ever know
you gave us the courage 
to go on our journey
we hope we can do the same for you
Your heart will always
call us to you
Love, Kinsey & Kylee

Oh Father, My Father
Close your eyes and feel us near
keep us inside your heart
let us live in your soul
you see through tears
the things we will never do
running across the feilds of our youth
games never played
but it is not gone
those dreams you hold so close
for we live on in every child you see
little ones standing alone, lost
or laughing in a playground
swinging so high
touching the treetops
that is us
wanting just to love
feel our happiness in the song of a bird
see our sorrow in mother
hold her close forever
feeling your strength
for there will be one to come behind me
whether through Gods grace or
from a different calling
a child chosen through His hand
For in darkness, a light will appear
even if it's just the dawn
signaling a new beginning
and as you gather our mother to your heart
release your tears
let the healing begin
and discover that we are here
in your dreams
in your tomorrows
Every rainbow is the path home
and if you should stumble
We are the wings that shall lift you
Love, Kinsey & Kylee

Thankyou Sarah and Joshua

Thank You, God
Thank you God for all that grows,
Thank you for the sky's rainbows,
Thank you for the stars that shine,
Thank you for these friends of mine,
Thank you for the moon and sun,
Thank you God for all you've done! 



Our Angel friend Miss Emalee Rain

Another special angel friend Miss Alexis Cammile



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Beautiful Angels   / Lecia Bright
Your Mommy has made such a beautiful memorial for you both.  You both are so beautiful and I no that you are watching over your family.  You Mommy wrote a beautiful note to me in 2005 on my daughters memorial.  Hugs to you both in He...  Continue >>
At the rising sun and at its going down we remember them. At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter we remember them. At the opening of the buds and in the rebirth of spring we remember them. At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth...  Continue >>
Christmas Hugs   / Sarah Blakeway
Lori sending my love to you and your family Thinking of you all. Kinsey and Kylee..You are so loved and so missed Sending sparkly kisses to Heaven for you both xo ((Lori))  
Merry Christmas from our family to yours♥   / Terri♥Mom 2. Angel Brent Bowden
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Thinking of you Precious Angel Babies!  / ~Judy~Mom To Angel ~~Curtis Dawson~~ (Mom who cares )    Read >>
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Her legacy
Just some rambling's  

Jesus Our Father In Heaven, Shine Down On me Today , I need your strength Dear Father, So help me along my way. You see I've made some choices, That probably weren't the best,Yet Dear Father I know you're here, To help me on my quest. Help me to love my mother,. who chooses to die in vain. My baby sister is filled with cancer, She longs to know your name. Lead her my sweet Father, For your the only way, That I can face tomorrow, And not be so afraid. Take away my anger Lord, my hatred and my fears. Fill me up with your love and wipe away my tears. I give my life to you sweet Lord, Do with it what you need. I know you'll lead me to the water And cleanse me pure and sweet
Lori Sullivan:3-08-08

Is Jesus real I've heard you ask, A question filled with fear. But before I had the chance to answer, It had already become clear. Dropping to her knees, where she had just once stood, raising her hands to the awesome sight that changed her life for good. Jesus stood upon the air outstreched arms to thee, come with me my child and I will let you see. Your question isn't the only one I've answered for you my child. Don''t your remember all those times You asked me to take away, Those monsters in your closet, you promised to always pray... But I didn't hear from you again until your 13th year, whenever your mommy & daddy fought, and you were were petrified with fear? Again you promised to keep me close, But I knew that it was untrue. For it took me several years again, To get my arms around you. It was on your wedding day as you were taking your first vows. You promised to love him in My name, and you both got on your knees to bow.Yet again you turned from me dear child, no matter how hard I tried. So one more time I called for you, The day your babies died. You spoke to me in anger, But I didn't care at all. I wiped my tears from my eyes, Just happy you made the call. Father who art in heaven... why have you hurt me so? My dear child I said to you, It's not for you to know. I wrapped my arms around you and held you and took your pain. My sweet child I didnt hurt you It was written a long time ago, Your angels werent meant for earthly things, In heaven they were meant to grow. It was known that you would hate me and give me all the blame, my dear child thats why I died for you, to take away your pain! So today I hear you question, in the corners of your mind. About my being real Let me ask you these 3 things then we'll make a deal
Are you happy with me? Do you praise me everyday? Are you teaching all you can to your children To get on their knees and pray? Well then my dear child, Ill put your mind at ease, if you promise me today to never doubt, if Im real or not, Dear child I'm here to stay
Ramblings from my tired head-as me and Jesus talked

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